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Becoming a morning person is hard when you dread your mornings. I believe the key is loving what you do and understanding your days are yours
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Becoming a morning person- We all are morning people when you think about it

 How many times did we have to get up and go somewhere even if we didn’t want to? But we did it anyway. 

Enjoying getting up in the mornings is a different thing.  

When I was younger I used to love waking up in the mornings for school. 

Especially the rainy mornings because that meant my friend and I would see snails and worms all over the ground. 

But once you become an adult everything changes, you have responsibilities, emails, and work.

And before you know it, you start dreading the next day.  

I believe the key to loving mornings is loving what you do.

 I used to wake up in the afternoons every day when I was unemployed. 

And when I did have a job I hated the thought of getting out of my bed to go to work. 

Now that I have complete control over my days and what jobs I take on, I enjoy waking up in the mornings and getting my day started. 

Having a vision for yourself 

Once you have a vision for how you want your life to be, your mornings reflect that. And you see meaning in your routines.

You will feel more inclined to get up early and start your day.  

This blog gave me meaning. It gave me something to work towards. Even though I’m not getting insane traffic and crazy page views, I enjoy writing. And having somewhere to put my writing- somewhere to call my own. 

I enjoy thinking of new content and designing my blog. 

I also enjoy the idea that I have the chance to build an income for myself so I wouldn’t have to depend on someone else that could end my employment whenever. 

Find joy in your work 

But it’s not a reality for everyone. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of loving what we do.


Take back your mornings

If you can, Wake up an hour earlier or maybe even 30 minutes earlier. 

This is such cliche advice but having that time to yourself will change your whole attitude in the mornings. 

It doesn’t even have to be something super productive like journaling. 

Sometimes I just stare at the ceiling and recall the dreams I just had the night before. 

You could even just lay in your bed and do nothing. 

As long as you have that time to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead.

I always make it a point to go outside within the first hour of waking up. Because if I don’t then I probably would never see sunlight considering I don’t leave my house often. 

 So to do that I have to wake up early when I know there will be absolutely no people outside. 

Prepare the night before

The tip to having the best mornings come from preparing the night before. 

That can look like showering before bed. 

Doing your oral hygiene routine.

Your skincare routine 

Laying out your clothes for the next day- This is important if you have trouble leaving your house. Sometimes I’ll even sleep in those clothes so I won’t have time to second guess myself. 

Packing your bag with your chargers, your books, your Kindle, your journal, and whatever you might need for the day ahead. 

Even if you may not have a physical job to go to, You should still make an effort to go to the library or a cafe because getting out of your house helps a lot in shifting your mindset to love mornings. 

The best morning

It is easy to get hooked on watching morning routines to see what you “should” do but to have the best morning routine you need to actually love it. And you can’t love it if it’s not yours. 

Because if you follow someone else’s morning routine, It’ll start to feel like a chore. Like you have to follow everything they do to have the “perfect” morning. 

Sure you can try a few things out and see if it works for you but make sure to remember that your morning routine is allowed to look different. 

It always feels ingenuine anyways when you watch a few of those morning routines and notice it’s all the same. The cameras are always set up before they wake up. 

They have their iced coffee with ice and milk with little to no coffee. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with watching for aesthetic purposes. But in the world of hustle culture and “Successful routines,” It is so easy to trick the mind into thinking there is only one way you’re supposed to do things. 

They make you feel like if your morning routine isn’t the same as those on youtube then you’re doing it wrong. 

Always remember to implement what might work for you instead of following everything step by step or word for word. 


As soon as the sun comes up, It’s a sign that it is a new day to start over. To be a different person than who you were the day before. 

Like in the movie Free Guy, even though it’s just a movie- It also reflects reality. A lot of us live our lives with limitations. We think we can’t do something so we don’t. 

Most people live the same days over and over again without changing anything. 

They go to a job they might not like because they think they have to. 

But once you realize that you’re in charge of your life.

It changes your view on things and makes you more appreciative of the time you do have. 

And you will start to see every morning as a chance to start over. 

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