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Witches Steeped in Gold is told in three parts. Jazmyne and Iraya both belong to two different orders, Already enemies before meeting. 
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Author: Ciannon Smart 

Genre: Fantasy fiction

Pages: 533

You can find more about her work here

Witches Steeped in Gold is told in three parts. Jazmyne and Iraya both belong to two different orders, Already enemies before meeting. 


Iraya Adair was the rightful heir to the Aiyican throne, a magically gifted dynasty. Until the doyenne murdered her parents. Iraya spent most of her years hiding in a prison cell with her people, the Obeah people. As far as they knew, all of the Adairs were dead. However, they held out hope that she would return and take back her rightful throne. 

None of them knew they were in the presence of the lost empress. Iraya had no intention on taking back the throne. So she felt it was better that no one knew who she was.  

She didn’t want to rule. Just wanted revenge for her parents. She spent years planning it. Planning her escape to kill Doyenne Cariot. She managed to escape the prison but her initial plan didn’t work out the way she thought it would. 

She planned to stay low originally once she got out but as soon as she was in front of the doyenne, she revealed her cards instantly. I legit facepalmed. 


Iraya does things without thinking sometimes. Which I can understand because she all she’s thinking about is revenge. She also doesn’t trust easily. There were times when I wanted her to open up to the people she met along the way. Especially when her people found out who she was. They made sure to hide her identity and protector from the doyenne and the guards. She may not see them as friends yet but the people she met showed that they cared for her. Hopefully, we see more of those relationships in the second book, as well as character development for her. 


Jazmyne is Doyenne Cariot’s daughter. I don’t believe Jazmyne wanted to kill her mother at first. There were people in her ear telling her it was the only way. When things got worse she felt like she had no choice. Her mother had a ritual every year that required a sacrifice.

This sacrifice is done to maintain the magical barrier that keeps the Alumbrar safe. The same sacrifice that took Jazmyne’s sister, the Doyenne’s first daughter. This part I struggled with. Were there different gods that each order prayed to.

Jazmyne felt like they didn’t need the ritual anymore. So did the rest of the Alumbrar. They started to suspect that the Doyenne was only continuing this to gain more power. They start a secret rebellion group to not only overthrow Doyenne Cariot but to kill her as well. 

 The leader and many others in the group tell Jaz that the only way to stop the doyenne was death. That was hard for Jazmyne to accept because she felt like her mother would come to an understanding. As the doyenne’s power trip grew, She knew it was true. She had to do something. 

She knew Iraya wanted revenge so she decided to team up with her. Iraya was reluctant and suspicious of a girl willing to kill her own mother but they allied together. 


Once the revolt broke out both sides were fighting. The Alumbrar and the Obeah people. Iraya had killed the doyenne. But something in Jazmyne changed. She is first introduced to us as this daughter who only wants peace for her people but she changed completely after her mother died. 

She didn’t even show a flinch of emotion as she saw her mom’s body. 

Instead, she broke her deal with Iraya and ordered her to be arrested for killing the doyenne. 

Luckily with the friends Iraya made, she was able to escape.

My comments on Witches steeped in Gold: 

I have to be honest, Witches steeped in Gold left me confused in so many ways. Even now as I’m looking over my notes. It was hard to follow along with so much information throughout. 

The world-building was extremely rich in culture but it was hard to differentiate the orders at one point. Even with the glossary in the back. So I constantly felt as if I was missing something. Or that I had to read a page over again. 

So I gave up on trying to understand the orders and how they differed. As well as the magic. 

Instead, I focused on the characters and their journeys. 

Toward the end, I was able to piece together what was going on. I do hope that the second book will tie everything in. 

I loved the characters that were introduced, especially Kirdan even though he wasn’t mentioned in the review. As well as the fantasy world the author created.   

I would rate witches steeped in gold 3.5 stars because though I loved the characters and setting of the book, I would’ve liked to understand the story without referencing my notes again.

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