Why I love Libraries and why you should too

Not only do I love libraries but I also love reading books about libraries too.  Sometimes it feels like libraries are so underrated.
Why I love Libraries and why you should too- magical

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There are many reasons why I love libraries. It brings back so many great memories of being a child.

libraries have shaped my love for reading and learning.

I remember being in second grade and our teacher brought us to the library to sit and listen to a reading of “if you give a mouse a cookie”

Then going to that same school library and taking out Junie b jones, the boxcar series, the babysitters club. As I got older and went to middle school me and my friends would go to the library after school. Mostly to play on the computer but the joy of libraries never left.

Once I got to high school, I found a way to volunteer at my school library during lunch- It was a great escape from actually being in the lunchroom where I was always alone.

Now as an adult I go there and it’s my place of solitude, a place where I can be productive.

But not only do I love libraries but I also love reading books about libraries too. 

Do people still go to the library?

Yes of course they do.

You may wonder if libraries are outdated because online you’ll see bookstore hauls or bookstore shopping.

In reality a lot of us readers don’t have the luxury to purchase every book we want to read. So we turn to the library.

I borrow every book I read from the library. If an author I really like comes out with a new book I will purchase it but other than that I turn to the library.

Reasons to love the library

There are so many other reasons to also love the library

Free books

You’re allowed to take out as many books as you’d like, with a return date of course. But at no expense to you. You’re able to read more because you don’t have to worry about going broke buying all these books you see trending online. 

It’s no secret how much social media plays a part in our consumerism. We typically buy things because we see a youtube video or a IG post about it. And we feel like if everyone else has it then maybe I need to get it too. 

 But you don’t need to empty your pockets just to fit in with whatever book is trending on social media right now. 

I decided to set a rule for myself, that I would only buy the book if it’s from an author I know and love, or if I already read it and loved it so much to read it again.

Also when it comes to the library they don’t just offer physical books, They have Ebooks and Audiobooks. You can find those at your local library or you can find audiobooks/Ebooks at an online library

Libraries are perfect for introverts 

As an introvert, The library can be a quiet place to:

  • Study
  • Get work done.
  • Read a book.
  • Learn something new  

Whenever I feel like I need a space to escape and have some quiet time after being in my house for so long, the library is that place I usually go to.

Sure you can go to a wework and rent office space or go to a starbucks. Or maybe an independent coffee shop/bookstore. 

But it can be a little intimidating when you are there for more than 30 minutes or maybe an hour and you feel like the workers are judging you because you only bought one thing just to sit there and read or be on your laptop. 

I always feel obligated to buy something else or my anxiety tells me that everyone is staring at me and I end up leaving. 

But being in a library there’s no added pressure to do anything extra. You could literally just sit there and do nothing if you wanted. 

They even have computers that you could use, Of course you have to sign up for a library card to get access though. 

Dark academia vibes

Also I don’t know if it’s just me but lately when I’m in the library I feel like I am in a dark academia novel and I love it. 

I like going there with an agenda to draft out a couple blog posts and read my book. And it make me feel 10x more productive 

Share how often you go to the library and why you enjoy the environment so much down in the comments below

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