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Book name: Verity

Author: Colleen Hoover

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Genre: Suspense

Pages: 314

Verity Plot: 

Jeremy Crawford lost two of his daughters in a year. His wife Verity, The best-selling author suffers a tragic accident that leaves her bedridden. He hires a struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh to complete his wife’s remaining books. But when Lowen arrives she finds an Autobiography that Verity never meant for anyone to read. In it, Verity confesses her hand in her daughter’s death. 

With each chapter Lowen reads, she knows Jeremy deserves to know the truth about the woman he married but She doesn’t want him to suffer any more than he already did. As Jeremy and Lowen spend more time around each other their feelings intensify, and So do her suspicions about Verity’s condition. Is she faking it? Or is Lowen just seeing things?

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Verity Characters: 

Lowen- struggling author

Jeremy Crawford- the husband

Verity- the wife

Harper- Verity and Jeremy’s daughter. She has Aspergers

Chastin- Verity and Jeremy’s daughter. Harpers twin

Crew- Jeremy and Verity’s youngest son


Once Lowen signed the contract to finish Verity’s book, she moved into their house to do the research she needed. Whether that be notes or needing to get in her headspace. 

Once there, she discovers an autobiography and starts reading it. Now this autobiography is what had me fooled. Let’s be real, it had us all fooled. 

I was like this crazy B was upset that her husband showed more love to their unborn babies than he did to her. She was jealous of babies? Her babies?  

“I needed to be what made him smile, breathe, wake up in the mornings….for a while I was, I was his sole reason for living…. Until he discovered the one thing that meant more to him than I did.” 

That right there sets the whole tone on Verity. She seemed obsessive and crazy and from that moment.

 It was obvious she was faking her condition. I thought she couldn’t stand Jeremy grieving over their daughters and she wanted the attention back on her. So she attempted sucide just so he could care for her. 

Especially when her son would wave to her sometimes.

Or when she stared dead into Lowen’s eyes through the window like a creep. Imagine someone unconscious suddenly staring into your soul. 

Nope. I would leave. I can’t see how Lowen thought to continue staying there. 

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In the autobiography, Verity mentions how she had no emotional attachment. No sense of maternal instinct towards her twin girls when they came out. She expressed her disgust towards those girls every chance she got, and she hated how Jeremy showed more love and attention to them instead. 

There was even one night she tried to abort them herself in their bathroom. Thankfully It didn’t work. When they came out she hated those girls with every ounce of her being. 

I can’t lie, I laughed during these moments. I’m not sure if it was meant to be humorous but the way it was written, it was. 

One night she had a dream where one of her twins, Harper, suffocated Chastin, and from there on she suddenly cared more for Chastin. So much so that when Chastin died from a peanut allergy, Verity blamed Harper. 


Verity thought it was weird that Harper never once cried or showed emotions when her sister passed. She took it as Harper felt guilty and ignored the fact that she is autistic and can’t show emotions like that.

 One day she took her out to the lake and didn’t save her when she was drowning. She figured Jeremy wouldn’t care so much about “this one” after losing their first twin.

She really referred to her own child as “this one” 

But she was obviously wrong because any parent would react, any loving parent that is. 

Jeremy started suspecting her and asking questions like why weren’t they wearing life jackets. Verity felt the suspicions rise and she decided to commit suicide by driving into a tree. 

Now this I didn’t believe. Someone that self-absorbed decided to end her life? 

Even if she did attempt to do that, it was unsuccessful because she lived. But she was unresponsive, She had to have nurses around to feed her, bathe her, and change her. She couldn’t move on her own, she couldn’t talk or register anything.

Emotional Rollercoaster

The whole time Lowen was reading this biography I was like girl what are you doing, keeping this a secret?

 This man deserves to know his wife killed their daughter! And every time Jeremy and Lowen got closer I felt like it was going to be a greater chance that he would resent her for keeping this from him.

This book had me going on an emotional rollercoaster. I didn’t mean to laugh at some parts but on page 218, Lowen reveals to Jeremy that her birthday was the next day and he was like well we gotta bake you a cake. And they did. Next thing I knew, They were making out. which was abrupt when Lowen saw Verity standing over them with her fist balled up. 

Then Verity ran back upstairs. That part scared me but I also couldn’t help but imagine Verity running away like that Squidward meme.  

Verity running back to her room after seeing Lowen and Jeremy
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Lowen tried to tell Jeremy what she saw but he assumed she was feeling guilty for kissing him with his wife in the house. To him, it couldn’t be possible because Verity was practically brain-dead. So he thought Lowen was paranoid. 

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 The lies 

Jeremy was painted as this innocent man who lost his two daughters, and his wife in this horrible accident. Poor him he’s going through so much. He has no idea what his wife is capable of. 

Boy was I fooled! 

Jeremy knew about Verity's Book this whole time?!!

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I mean, he is a good man. He loved his wife and his kids. And sacrificed his career for them, He’s kind and charming it seems like. But when Lowen showed him the autobiography and he read about Verity killing their daughter Harper, he got so angry.

Now you’re probably thinking, well yes obviously he would be.

 but what’s weird is he already knew all that. Because he read it before.

Verity had written another letter for Lowen on why she was faking the extent of her accident. In the letter, she says Jeremy had already read the autobiography. And that was the reason she was in an accident. He was so mad that he drove Verity to that tree and tried to make it look like a suicide. 

 So why on earth would he feign surprise again after Lowen showed it to him? Instead of pretending this was the first time he read it, he could have said “yeah, I know… I already read it.” but he chose not to. So I couldn’t trust him after that. 

Maybe he was mad at the fact that she was faking it. Which she only did because she knew he would be angry. and at least this way he would feel sorry for her. 

I also didn’t like that Lowen gave him the idea of making her death look like she died in her sleep. Verity’s poor son has to go through another loss. 

The letter to Jeremy

Seven months later and Lowen’s pregnant. And she finished up Verity’s series. They all moved to North Carolina. In the process of cleaning the old house, Lowen remembered there was a crack in the floor bed in Verity’s room. So she opened it and saw a letter.

 A letter to Jeremy from Verity that she meant for him to find after she was gone. Not dead, but she was planning to leave with her son somewhere. 

This letter explains that everything in her autobiography was fake and she needed to get in the villain mindset to write her next book. And that she never really harmed any of their children. That she didn’t murder Harper. She just twisted reality as a way to cope, a grieving mechanism. And that she forgives Jeremy for driving her into a tree. 

Now I have mixed emotions on this because if Verity really was just trying to get into the headspace of a villain and twisted the truth then killing her hurts my heart. 

Because she was innocent! 

Was it all just Verity lying?

But if it was the truth then why don’t her parents don’t speak to her anymore, they even told Jeremy to stay away at one point. 

Why did she tell Crew to cover his nose and not Harper when the boat tipped over? 

Why did she only do creepy things while Lowen was around? Like turning down the tv volume or staring right into her eyes through the window. Why did Jeremy react the way he did if he already knew according to her letter? 

She knew Lowen had the manuscript and that she never told Jeremy. Did she also know there was a nanny cam in the room and that Lowen would see that she put something in the floorboard? 

Knowing that Lowen would read this letter too and feel guilty and not tell Jeremy that hey your wife was actually innocent.

 Lowen went ahead and ripped up the letter and flushed it. Rightfully so because I don’t trust one bit of it.

Verity could’ve very well manipulated that letter to make her seem like the good guy. She probably wrote it to make Jeremy regret trying to kill her for thinking she killed their daughter. But we will never know. So wouldn’t Jeremy because Lowen didn’t give him the choice to read the letter.

 They were both hiding things. Jeremy never told her the truth either, even though she knew from reading.


did Verity make it seem like Jeremy knew because again, she knew Lowen would find the letter and she wanted to manipulate her into thinking Jeremy was capable of killing his wife no matter how psychotic she was? 

At the end of the day Verity is a psycholgical (did i make this word up? maybe) Mastermind.

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My Review:

 I can’t.. How do I process this.. I have no words. 

Literally none..

Moment of silence….

After reading that ending when I tell you my jaw dropped. I think I stared at the ceiling for a good 45 seconds before opening up my laptop to write this. 

45 seconds can be a long time.

Before I gather my thoughts, It is no surprise that Colleen Hoover is one of the most popular authors out right now, especially on Booktok. She is most known for her love novels and personally, romance novels aren’t a fav for me. I don’t mind it when it’s a side plot adding to the story but if a book is just all about love this, love that, relationships, making out, and cringe stuff like that I tune out. It becomes way too cheesy for me. 

But because Colleen Hoover is so talked about alot I wanted to read something from her. I came across this book, among her others. But the excerpt for this one seemed super promising so I picked it up. 

And let me just say this whole vibe of the book felt like a lifetime movie and I was here for it. 

That twist at the end had me feeling bad for the person I hated throughout the whole book. Well, hate is a strong word, but I thought Verity was psychotic. Maybe she is because I still don’t know what to believe. 

When you read the bonus chapter in verity 

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Verity Rating

I have to give this book 4 out of 5 because I genuinely enjoyed the whiplash it gave me. My head is still reeling, I feel like getting even a short story from Crew’s perspective would help. I know he was only like five years old but chances are he remembers that day they went to the lake and would be able to talk about it. 

Verity was a best-selling author so I don’t put it past her that she made all this up just to scare and fool Lowen. I don’t think she wrote that autobiography to cope, I think the whole thing was true. 

But Jeremy isn’t innocent either. 

They’re all psychotic but I think that’s why this book is so good, It leaves you wondering and guessing which is the truth.

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