Vengeful (Villians #2) Back but not better

Vicious was amazing, Vengeful not so much. The gang is back but there's a new threat they face.
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Book name: Vengeful ( Villians #2)

Author: V.E. Schwab

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Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Pages: 478

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab Plot:

Vengeful takes place Five years after the first book Vicious And we pick up some new characters along the way. Marcella is the latest EO to rise in merit while Victor is searching for ways to correct his power. Ever since Sydney brought him back his powers started acting up. Eli is in prison or better yet EON, ExtraOrdinary Observation and Neutralization) 

A government agency created by Detective Stell to track down and capture EO’s for observation. 

But when Marcella starts causing trouble, Detective Stell recruits Eli again for his help in tracking her down. And Eli complies, of course having his own agenda. Escaping and killing Victor. 

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Vengeful book Characters:

Victor Vale

Eli Ever (Cardale)

Detective Stell



Dol( Sydney’s pet)

June- new 

Marcella- new

Doctor Haverty- new


So Marcella is a mob wife, and her husband Marcus kills people for a living. I don’t understand what Marcella meant by she built him because he was doing this way before they met. So I assumed she meant pushing him to do jobs he was sometimes unsure of and in the end, it would work out for him. 

Marcella is supposedly the brains behind their marriage. Every job that Marcus is unsure of she is there telling him to go through with it. I definitely did not get that vibe at all. 

She was annoying. Marcella always talked about how men underestimate her because she’s beautiful and a woman. 

Didn’t really do anything for me personally. 

I feel like the author has this whole feminism thing going and it could’ve worked… In another book. 

But anyways, one night Marcus comes home after work. And there’s lipstick on his collar. Marcella wonders how many times he’s cheated without her knowing. 

She lunges a knife at him, idk why cause that man is a trained killer but he knocks her out and sets the house on fire. 

He assumes she died so he leaves the house quickly, assuming that the cops won’t suspect him since it was a fire. But there’s a cop nearby who smells the fire and rushes over. 

She ends up in the hospital, wakes up, escapes, kills Marcus with her new power which I guess is burning people to ashes, and then in my opinion goes on a power trip. 


We meet June. June is a shapeshifter who befriends Sydney and has this weird obsession with her. She wants to protect her by taking her away from Victor. June is a grown woman by the way.

It also didn’t make sense to write that Sydney had this secret friendship with this lady who she knows is an EO but still tells her about Victor and the city they’re in at the moment. I know Sydney is growing up and she lost her sister, so it’s natural to want to have another female companion aside from Victor and Mitch. But after 5 years, it didn’t fit her character to tell a complete stranger their business. 

June also befriends Marcella around the same time. And they form their own little EO group with another guy named Jonathan who could shield people from attacks. 

Vengeful book review- Xoraslibrary

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When Sydney revived Victor on the last page of the last book, I didn’t think he would even have his powers. Because sometimes she wasn’t able to pull all the pieces of the person. But Victor, fortunately, did have his it was just malfunctioning. 

So he started tracking other Extra Ordinaries with healing powers to see if they can heal him. None of them were able to and that left him feeling restless. He also killed them after so he wouldn’t leave a trail but I thought that was unfortunate. And unnecessary, killing innocent people.

 I felt like the way he was written was very different compared to the first. Victor was this carefully calculated guy who held so much power and knowledge, then all of sudden he’s weak. 



Also, Sydney has been working on her power, testing it on a bird. She managed to find the thread and hold onto it, reviving the bird and it seemed like she was starting to master her power. I don’t understand why she decided not to tell Victor, I can assume it’s because she knew Victor would want to test it further and maybe she was scared it wouldn’t work so she didn’t want to let him down. 

But it seemed like it did so that really bothered me since he was going on this search for people to help him. 

 Oh and another thing, At first Victor and Mitch kept it from Sydney that revving him came with compilations with his power because they didn’t want her to think it was her fault. 

So during her not knowing, Victor was struggling and dying multiple times and then coming back to life but she couldn’t detect or feel a thing. but all of a sudden once she found out, She could feel his lifeline.  


Eli however was in prison and then he was transferred to EON where he was tested by Dr. Haverty. Dr. Haverty would dissect Eli while he was awake and see how far his regenerative powers went. Once Detective Stell saw that was happening he ended that and fired Haverty. 

Since Eli was off limits to experiment on, EON decided he should at least assist them in finding more EO’s because he was so good at it.

I think the only thing I liked in this book was Eli’s backstory and understanding why he was the way he was. His father was a pastor who saw the “devil” in Eli from early on and always punished him for it. His mom committed suicide. When he was 12, He pushed his dad down a flight of stairs and felt peace.

 From there he jumped from foster home to foster home. Then He felt lucky when a distant family member allowed Eli to stay with him.


I was disappointed in Eli’s death in the end. Because I wish Eli and Victor had more dialogue. I didn’t expect them to be friends again if they were ever friends. But I wanted them to at least drop the back and forth and come to an understanding, maybe some kind of mutual respect. I was also disappointed in Victor killing Detective Stell. 

Dr. Haverty was almost able to find the source of their powers.

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My Review of Vengeful:

I’m not sure how I feel about this book or the ending. Maybe I just had high hopes and expectations for Vengeful after reading the first book but It just fell… 


I don’t know. The time jumps felt a little messy this time. I couldn’t keep track of what event happened and when. But I didn’t allow that to bother me as I kept reading. 

There are also too many side stories going on that I didn’t care for. Speaking of the new characters, We’re introduced to Marcella and her husband Marcus. So that made me think ok they may be the new villains or something. 

Maybe that’s my problem. Once I sense the tone that’s set in the beginning I start to imagine the plot ahead. So I figured Victor and Eli would set their vengeance aside to work together to bring down this power couple. And that kind of happened, sort of, briefly in the end. Marcella was the only one they were taking down. 

Unsure of this ending

Victor is back on the run but alone this time because he sent Mitch and Sydney away. The only person who seemed to have a positive ending was June. It ended with her erasing her files in EON and shapeshifting to I think a face similar to Angie’s. Eli’s girlfriend and the only girl Victor ever truly loved. 

And she drove off alone. I didn’t understand that at all.

I would have liked to see more of the doctor who was studying Eli and Victor and other extraordinaries. 

A part of me wanted to see if he would be able to restore their emotions. 

I did enjoy the book but it also let down with the unnecessary new characters. If there’s going to be a new character at least give them something for the reader to care about. It just felt like fluff. 

There was supposed to be a third book but the author decided to combine everything in the second and that was probably the worst decision. Maybe she was mentally done with this series but everything felt rushed. 

Vengeful rating

 I think I would give this book a 3.5 out of 5 just because of the unnecessary storylines that didn’t fit and there was no wrap-up on Victor or Eli’s story. And we got an ending with a character we don’t even know. We never got June’s backstory, I’m not sure what purpose she served and why we see her driving off instead of Mitch and Sydney. I also feel like EO’s lack of soul could have been explored more because I believe Victor truly cared for Mitch and Syd.

 However the way it was written EO’s supposedly can’t care and something changes in them once they die, but Sydney was the sweetest child so yeah I don’t know it just felt like a mess. 

 I was really excited to read it after Vicious. What I wanted to see more of, was maybe there could be some kind of friendship blooming again. not sure if they were even friends in the beginning. Because I get the sense that Victor and Eli loved each other platonically, like brothers. Eli definitely looked up to Victor while Victor saw so much of himself in Eli. 

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