One of us is Lying: a disappointment

Five students enter in Detention but only four make it out alive.
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Author: Karen M. Mcmanus
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Genre: Mystery
Pages: 358

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I wasn’t aware this was a show before picking the book up. I was more drawn to the cover and the plot.

One of Us is Lying begins with five students going into detention and only four come out. Think the breakfast club meets Pretty Little Liars.

All of these students are the typical high school stereotype. We have a jock, A cheerleader, The bad boy, and the brainiac. Then there’s Simon the high school gossip. He runs a gossip app that contains information about all the students at the school. So it’s a huge coincidence when he dies the day before his posts about each of the students he was in detention with get released.

This mystery is told from multiple perspectives to show each of their point of views as the whole school/ police and even them individually suspect who killed Simon Keller. They were all so convincing, I knew one of them wasn’t lying. So I suspected either the teacher that was in charge of detention or Simon himself.

Simon Keller

It was hard to feel bad for Simon because there wasn’t anything that made me feel like I should care about his death. Not enough development of his character was there.

I think the author did a great job writing the story but it just wasn’t mysterious enough for me. It felt like the clues were very obvious from the beginning because of the foreshadowing in the dialogue. I got the feeling I knew who it was early on so at that point I was just figuring out the why.

I thought It was odd how each of them would suspect the other but still hang out. And they would point out how one of them was lying.

One of us is lying rating

I wanted to give this a 2.5 because the whole book felt very cheesy and obvious. I really was not surprised when they revealed who had done it and why. The why was a bit meh. Without giving too much away, It’s the typical ” I want revenge” kind of thing.

I somewhat enjoyed the characters. The characters were very cliche high school stereotypes. And their secrets, the ones that Simon was going to post, were very cliche as well.
Bronwyn the smart girl who cheated on an exam once,
Addy The popular girl who cheated on her boyfriend,
Cooper, the jock who secretly had a boyfriend,
and Nate who sells drugs.

There is a sequel to this book but if I’m being honest this isn’t my cup of tea and I don’t think I’m interested in the characters enough to see what happens to them next.
I think the biggest plot twist would have been if Simon faked his death. I would understand that a lot more. Or even the possibility of one of them actually murdered him but forgot somehow. Then in the end they realize that it was them.

I wouldn’t be able to comment if the book is similar to the series because I haven’t seen it.

I can see one of us is lying as a high school book club pick or if you want a light book to read in one day.

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