You need to have these legal pages for your blog

Want to start a blog? Let's talk about the legal pages you need before you get started. 
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Want to start a blog? Let’s talk about the legal pages you need to have for your blog before you get started. 

Starting a blog can be exciting when you have all these ideas on what you imagine it to be. But not many people tell you that there are these 3 important legal pages you need to have for your blog. 

Before I started this blog I made sure to research everything I would need to do in preparation for setting it up. 

I have seen posts about legal pages but not in how to start a blog posts or videos. I found out on my own through more research in ways to make my blog legit. Not sure why this is left out a lot but having your legal pages is very important. 

Free templates 

You can find free templates online but for something as serious as dealing with laws you want your readers to feel like you’re being held accountable if you misuse their information in any way. You want to make them feel safe when they come on your blog and also the legal pages come in handy if it happens that you get sued.

And a free template isn’t really going to do much in the eyes of the law. This is one investment I think is very important. Because you could start your blog anywhere for free but legal pages are valuable.

It can also be difficult when you aren’t sure on how the policies are supposed to look or what kind of information they are meant to have.

 It’s better to not risk it. You don’t want to be stuck with free templates that won’t hold up well in court. 


I stumbled on Aselfgurus website

Amira is a lawyer who sells legal pages and all kinds of other policies. 

Even ones that you don’t think you need like a sponsored post contract or guest blogger agreement template. 

Because I was new to blogging I knew it was unrealistic to assume I would get enough page views for sponsored content. I decided to stick with the three most important ones that I would for sure need. 

This was the biggest purchase for my blog so I was nervous but I knew it was something I needed. 

What also helped was the amount of reviews on her website. As well as her quick responses to me when I commented on her youtube channel.

I decided to look at it as an investment. 

I was on her email list for a while until I saw the fourth of July sale. Still weighing in other options, I was comparing other prices, calculating the cost of the individual templates.

Once I saw this was the best price available, I took the risk and purchased it. And I’m glad I did.

I went for the starter legal bundle because It had the basic three most important ones that every blog needs

Privacy policy 

Terms and conditions 


I figured if I ever get further into my blog and I need the other policies then I know just where to look. 

Purchasing these legal bundles from aselfguru was the best investment I made so far because I have access to them basically for as long as I need

Once you purchase them, you will get an email to set up your account.

This is where you will see all the templates you purchased and even bonus ones.  

There is also an option to join her facebook group which is helpful if you have any questions regarding your templates. She is very active in the group and responds to comments. 

When there are new laws she updates the templates accordingly at no extra cost. So all you have to do is log into your account to download the new version and post it on your blog. 

Once you open the documents you’ll see everything laid out for you

 There will be these highlighted lines where you enter either your name or your blog name, as well as the email associated with your blog. 

All that’s left is to post them onto your website. 

Privacy policy

Now to get into the policies. 

The privacy policy details how and why you are collecting your audiences data. If you don’t explain what you do with your readers’ information there is a high chance you can get fined.

 Your readers will feel unsafe visiting your blog and they won’t trust you, in these cases you can get sued. 

There is no feigning innocence when you have access to people’s identifiable information. 

This form also explains google analytics and how you can see your demographics data like where your readers are coming from, their age range or what device they are using to view your blog. 

So it’s best to have a privacy policy in place explaining everything. 


If you decide to include affiliate links on your blog, it’s best to have a disclaimer put in place.

 A disclaimer lets people know that when they click a link from your blog and it leads them to make a purchase you will earn a commission from that. 

The federal trade commission requires you to disclose your affiliate involvement. 

Disclaimer policy is also beneficial if you’re spreading information that people rely on. 

Especially when you aren’t a professional. 

Always make it clear that the advice you are giving out shouldn’t be taken blindly. 

Maybe you have a recipe blog or a nutrition blog and you’re spreading a certain kind of diet that works for you. There’s a chance someone could take your advice thinking it will help them the same way. 

But then they have a negative reaction. If you don’t have the proper disclaimers in place then you could be facing a lawsuit. 

Terms and  conditions 

Does anyone else remember that South Park episode where they showed what happened if you didn’t read the terms and conditions before signing it.

 That scared me and ever since then I skimmed through every line slowly. 

Just to make sure I wasn’t signing away to be a part of a human centipede. 

For the longest time I didn’t update my iCloud because I wasn’t in the mood to read the new terms and  conditions. It got to a point where Apple literally wouldn’t let you access your iCloud without signing it. 

So I had no choice but to finally go through it. 

Terms and conditions outline what you allow and don’t allow on your website. 

It lets people know that your work and everything you create are protected. 

You want to make your legal pages accessible and visible on your blog so readers have a chance to read it thoroughly if they want. 

The most common place is the footer of the blog. 

If you’re ready to take the leap in making your blog official then purchasing the legal pages Bundle is the best way to show that. 

Having them in place will definitely help you and your readers feel much more comfortable. 

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