Legendborn: A girl grieving and discovering

Grieving her mother's death, Bree goes on a mission to find out what happened. legendborn, a beautifully written novel by Tracy Deonn.
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Book name: LegendBorn

Author: Tracy Deonn

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Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Pages: 490

Legendborn Plot:

Months after her mother’s death Bree is at UNC Chapel Hills early program. The college she and her mother disagreed about. 

On her first day there, Bree is invited to a party that happens every year with her best friend Alice. At this party, she meets a guy named Sel who approached her originally because he sensed magic from her. Their little moment was interrupted due to a scream. 

A fight broke out and cops were called. As she ran to find her friend she saw Sel fight and kill these magical demons- he made her forget what she just saw and told her to run. 

But she didn’t forget because her memories came back shortly after. This made her remember the night of her mother’s accident, there was a cop who did the same thing.

 Now she’s on edge because if magic is real then maybe her mother’s death wasn’t an accident. Motivated by grief and regret (of not speaking to her mom that day because of their argument).

 Bree goes on a mission to find out the truth by joining their society on campus. A society that’s been around for generations and most importantly held by families who did not necessarily look like her. She faces many challenges as an outsider, many who doubt her but most importantly she goes on a journey to self-discovery. 

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LegendBorn Characters: 

Bree- sixteen-year-old girl, the main character.

Nick- The guy assigned to be Bree’s peer mentor but he turns out to be more than that. Seventeen years old. He is also the descendant of king Arthur 

Sel- a powerful merlin and a kingsmage assigned to protect Nick. 

Alice- Bree’s best friend 

Lord Davis- Nick’s father 

Patricia- Bree’s counselor that also practices root magic. Knew bree’s mother when they were at college together

William- wholesome character. We love William. The society’s healer. 

My review: 

Okay. Okay, so where do I even begin? 

I guess I will start with the way the story was set up. We have a flashback to understand Bree’s situation with her mom and her not wanting Bree to go to that college. At first, it sounds like every other mother who doesn’t want their child to grow up too fast. Bree gets accepted into the early program at unc Chapel Hill. A college where her mother was an undergraduate and a growing scientist. 

Bree’s mom never tells her the reason she doesn’t want her to go, just that she can’t. 

On the day of her mother’s car accident, Bree woke up and decided she was going to give her mom the silent treatment. Something she deeply regrets. She hates that she didn’t have that closure. Then we see Bree in the hospital with her father hearing the news. Only there was something Bree felt that was a little off. 

The police officer delivering the news didn’t seem real to her, everything on him was shining but she figured it was like that because she was crying all day. She also has this thing that she calls “after-bree” which I didn’t understand throughout the story until the end. 

So to my understanding after Bree is her magic bursting to come out. After her mom died this magic started blossoming.

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Sometimes I found Bree frustrating. She would get herself into situations that could have been avoided. I could understand the shock of finding out that magic is real. And want to find out more information about it.

But she had no idea where to start, who to talk to, or what kind of information to ask. She had no idea how to make sense of what happened that night at the party. So the next day when she meets Nick she sees something in the woods. Magic. Similar to that night. She immediately runs to it, and Nick follows her. What they find is a creature similar to a fox but bigger and evil-looking. It almost chomps off Bree’s head until Nick saves her and takes her to William. 


Once she finds out Nick is familiar with this world, she pushes him for information. Learning about this society that involves legendborns. These legendborns are descendants of King Arthur’s knight. While Nick is the legendborn descendant of King Arthur himself. And they are preparing to fight against a magical war coming. 

Nick never wanted to follow through on his destiny to lead. But there was so much pressure from his father. So when he meets Bree, he thinks she’s sent by his dad.

Nick learns Bree’s true motives and he agrees to help her find out what happened and agrees to share answers about the society with her but Bree kind of pushes it too far and Nick is sort of forced to take his place as the leader, while his father lord Davis and many others are happy about this, nick isn’t. It’s exactly why he left in the first place. But his affection for Bree is what made him go along with it. 


Sel on the other hand doesn’t trust Bree as far as he could throw her. He accuses her of being an urchel. A demon passing as a human. Because of her abilities to see things she shouldn’t and to remember his mesmers. Mesmers are kind of like compulsions if you watch the vampire diaries. They’re these mind spells that make you forget certain things that happened. 

With every step Bree takes, Sel is on her literally, watching her every move. Until the night of the scavenger hunt- Sel unexpectedly pairs himself up with Bree. He figures if he can catch her slipping he can prove his point of her being a danger. So he corners her with a demon dog, telling her that he will get rid of it once she reveals herself. That plan backfired because real demon dogs came and they had to fight it off activating Brees magic or her “after-Bree” 

Once they were alone Sel kept asking what was that but Bree insisted she had no idea, and she really didn’t. 

This is why I wanted Bree to spend more time with Patricia, someone who practiced the same sort of magic her mom did. Someone who showed her how to memory walk. She was spending so much time with the society learning about the different families and lines and ranks. When she could’ve been learning more about root magic and how to control her powers.

At first, there was a lot of confusion with the terms used. Like scions, Shadowborn, Legendborn, and blood crafters.

It’s not until later that all that information makes sense. They also refer a lot to terminology regarding the legend of King Arthur. 

Legendborn rating

I would rate this book a 4.5. I enjoyed following Bree in unlocking her history and her powers. She formed new friendships and strengthened old ones with her best friend Alice and her father. When she had that memory walk moment with her mom and ancestors I nearly cried. Bree was finally able to get the answers she needed and have that closure. 

This was a beautiful story of a young girl finding herself and coming to terms with the reality of her mother’s death. 

There were times when I couldn’t tell how old Nick was from Bree. I thought he was well into 19 years old. Because it was unclear how the early program worked. 

The book ends with a war coming. And the boy she loves is missing. In her new role with her new friends, they make it their priority to go rescue him.

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