Invisible life of addie la rue: story of life and love

To live a life as long as Addie Larue's came with a cost- her soul. She was willing to bet anything for a chance to truly experience life
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Book name: Invisible Life of Addie La rue

Author: V.E. Schwab

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Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Pages: 442

The invisible life of Addie La rue starts in Villon- sur- Sarthe, France on July 29th, 1714 with our main character Addie Larue running into the woods while her parents call out her name. Later we see that it’s her wedding she is running from.

Addie is set to marry a boy she doesn’t love and give up her dream of adventure and she doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want to live a normal life where she’s meant to be a housewife. Where her only choices are to have children and be stuck in her hometown.

Throughout the book we see Addie’s memories living in different parts of the world across centuries of living. 

But ultimately her love story when she stumbles across Henry takes place in New York City.  

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This is why she loves talking to her neighbor Estelle. A free old woman who lives alone. And in her spare time prays to the gods.

Addie loves listening to her stories but everyone else in town including her parents sees Estelle as a crazy old woman who never married.
It didn’t fit the norm. But that was what fascinated her. One day she asks Estelle about the gods and she says

“Never pray to the gods that answer after dark”

Without even realizing that’s exactly what Addie did. When she ran from her wedding she desperately prayed to anything that would hear, not noticing the sun going down. Just when she thought no one would come, A dark shadow appears and makes a deal with her.

So she offers her ring, A wooden band that her father made for her but the darkness just crumples it up saying
“ My dear, I do not deal in trinkets…….The deals I make, I make for souls”
She knew it was wrong but she was willing to promise anything if it meant not returning to her simple life. And she did, she gambled away her soul for a life of adventure. Little did she know she was also giving up a life where people would remember her. And everyone she meets will forget her in seconds. But that was the price she had to make in exchange for being ” Immortal”

The aftermath of the deal

After the deal, she went back home to apologize to her parents for leaving the wedding, but they called her a witch. Because of the curse they had no idea who she was. Nobody knew, not even Estelle.

Every year on the anniversary of when she made the deal, she is visited by the darkness. She came up with a name for him, Luc.

I can’t describe their relationship because at first, it was kind of weird. Addie used to make drawings of how her dream guy would look. Luc knew this and imaged himself after her drawing to taunt her.

He would visit every single year on her birthday to see if she would give up and when she wouldn’t, Luc would then set up situations to make her fold. This little back-and-forth “flirt” sometimes thing went on for at least three hundred years.

At first, the visit was to see if she was ready to throw in the towel but then romance ensued between them.

It made sense, they were both lonely and were the only people who understood each other. For Addie, Luc was the only person who could say her name, who remembered her while no one else could. Of course, that was because he placed the curse on her. But after living like a ghost for 300 years, just having that was something worth holding on to.

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Invisible life of Addie setting:

The book time jumps from the past to the present.
It took me a long while to realize that each time jump to the past was the anniversary of the day she made the deal. The day everything changed.

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That is until she met Henry. After all those years of meeting people and them forgetting her in a matter of seconds. Trying to say or write her name but nothing comes out. Or the words are erased magically. He was the first person, Human, I should say who remembered her and she couldn’t believe it.
With him, she was able to say her name. She thought this had to be a loophole, that Luc made a mistake.

My thoughts:

When I found out why Henry was able to remember her but no one else could, my jaw dropped. I went on an emotional rollercoaster. I thought for sure this was Luc as a human playing a trick to get Addie to fall in love with him and then boom once she’s vulnerable he would take her soul.

They never had a time limit on the deal. It was whenever she felt was right. Basically, she made a deal with the devil and he came to collect every year.

She held on for a long time though. I could not imagine meeting someone and them forgetting me as soon as they turned around. Going through that constantly could have pros and cons but ultimately it sounds like a lonely life.

Invisible life of Addie Rating

I would give the invisible life of Addie la rue a 4.5. It was really enjoyable. The best part was when the story ended with Henry telling her story because she couldn’t. I teared up.

Addie seeing the book and hearing people say her name gave me goosebumps.
This felt like a super lighthearted and relatable read. -Not the selling your soul part

But in a way, we’re all looking for some kind of adventure. To experience a life grander than the ones we live. I think thats why I love books and film so much. Each book you read you’re stepping into a entirely new world.

I’m not sure how true this is but we might be getting a live adaption of this book. Fingers crossed!

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