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How to blog more consistently comes natural when you have a routine set for yourself. It could look like writing everyday or batching content. Whatever works for you.
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The key to how to blog more consistently is having a routine. 

When I first started blogging, I was discouraged when I noticed Google wasn’t indexing or crawling my site. I had maybe 5-10 posts up but I was not consistent. 

I didn’t have a routine. 

So it felt like it was taking forever to get traffic. 

That led to me not feeling motivated enough to work on my blog. I kept thinking if it spending money on hosting was worth it. 

If I wrote a post it was every few months or so and I felt like I had no direction. 

Not to mention I didn’t know who to write to or who my audience would be. 

I had a niche but I did not want to tie myself down in something I couldn’t branch out of. There were so many things I could see myself writing about and so that confused me even more. 

It was also intimidating when I would look for tips online on how to grow my blog and they all said niching down was going to help. 

The way it was written was that if you have multiple topics on your blog, It would take a while for Google to notice and trust your site. 

So instead of feeling excited that I had a blog, I felt stressed before it even started. 

Letting go of those expectations and the pressure of wanting to grow my blog, I feel that I have found my rhythm. I settled for the slow traffic build-up if it means I don’t have to box myself in. My blog still seems very niche because at the core I do book reviews but I also want to talk about my blogging journey and productivity tips that help. 

Finding that rhythm makes me feel way more confident that I know what it takes to blog more consistently

You are your own audience 

When you’re starting a blog, you’re going to have a picture in mind of who your readers are. 

Sometimes that can be hard to determine though because well, you don’t have an audience yet. 

It’s hard to blog more consistently when you don’t even know who you’re writing for.

It took me months to figure out that I had to just write for myself. 

Ask yourself what you gravitate towards in a blog, why you subscribe and stick around, and why you enjoy reading their blog posts. Maybe you like the design of their blog or the way they say things or maybe the topics they cover. 

I love going to book blogs and seeing what new books are out that aren’t related to the genre of what I normally read. 

But I’m also the type of person to drown myself in fantasy and not be productive in my actual life. 

So I figured I’ll just write to me, I guarantee there’s someone out there like me. 

It is also super therapeutic to write to yourself, while also keeping your audience in mind of course. In past blogs, I was trying too hard to cater to what I thought other people would want to read. But I found sharing my past experiences in storytelling helps the words flow out so much easier. 

Some people may not like that kind of writing and they would prefer to read a post that is more direct instead of storytelling.  

When I visit blogs I love knowing what challenges the blogger went through to get to where they are, It’s relatable. 

Make blogging goals 

Once you have your writing style settled, then create some blogging goals for yourself. 

Maybe you want to have a certain number of blog posts up by the first month. 

Or you might want to hit a specific number of page views

More blogging goals: 

Growing your email list 

Applying for ad revenue 

Increasing traffic

Set challenges 

 Blogging is a lonely job so it could be hard to feel motivated to write. So if you’re trying to hit a goal then the best way to do that is by setting challenges for yourself. 

 Regardless of what niche you’re in you could set a challenge to write a blog post every day for that month. 

Or create a theme based on the current month.

I find that setting deadlines for myself every week and every month helps a lot. 

The more I work on my blog the more I can see my skills growing. It also helps with becoming more comfortable with writing. 

Make a content calendar

Naturally, you are going to have so many ideas flowing in your head of the stuff you can write about. 

So I would suggest doing a brain dump every month the picking which topics you want to write about and when.  

A lot of people like to batch their content and then publish them periodically like once or twice a week. 

Personally, I find that hard to do because if I write all my content beforehand, I get way in my head about my words and I would sit on it longer. 

Sometimes I think I have Adhd because in the middle of writing, I think of another topic and I open a whole new document just to write about that. 

So I would suggest when making your content calendar- write your title idea, the keyword, and the bullet points you want to make. 

Then you could even create a 1st draft. I call it word vomiting. Where I just write out literally everything I’m thinking without stopping to see if it makes sense. 

That way I could go back later and edit everything.

This helps with expanding your idea on paper so you could visibly see if it will make a good post or not. 

So when you write your first draft you shouldn’t worry about the errors because you could always revise it later on. 

Accountability partner

Getting an accountability partner could be helpful to hold you accountable for the work you set yourself to do. 

There are tons of Facebook groups with other new bloggers where you can find someone to pair up with. 

Or you can ask a friend to help you out. 

How to blog more consistently Conclusion

As long as you’re writing content and publishing consistently your blog will grow. So don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re not growing the way you thought you would. 

It’s easy to look around and see how well other blogs are doing but that is the quickest way to shut down your confidence and before you know it you wasted a good blog because you decided not to continue with it. 

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