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In reality, we’re all readers. I mean how can we not be, especially in this digital age.
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How to become a reader is easy, you simply have to read

In reality, we’re all readers. I mean how can we not be, especially in this digital age. To be online you need to read, To go through a long Twitter thread on how to improve your skincare you need to read. And let’s be honest we all go through comment sections, the debates online can be silly but entertaining at the same time, which makes us intrigued to read more. 

So basically you’re already a reader. 


It just boils down to what genre you like. I feel like a lot of people think being a reader is to only read the classics like Edgar allen poe, Virginia Woolf, or Shakespeare. Which sure you should always branch out and read to gain a broader perspective as a reader. 

But if you like to read Vampire fanfics then that doesn’t make you any less than a reader. That just means that is more your speed. 

So finding your genre is the first step to becoming a reader. And that’s as easy as just going online and searching keywords to see if any books relating to that pop up. 

If there is a Tv series or movie series that you enjoyed, Checking out the book series also helps because you already know how it ends but sometimes the movie adaptions lose specific details about a situation or a character. 

So even if you think you know anything from the movie you would be surprised to read the book and get added information. 

Some great examples would be 

The maze runner, 

The divergent series, 

Harry Potter, 

The hunger games

Pretty little liars

The Vampire Diaries  

I remember watching the maze runner in theaters with my friend and she mentioned how some details happened way differently in the book. 

Book Clubs

After you find the type of books you like, You should join a book club. Joining a book club is a great way to talk about your interests and bond with other people. It’s also helpful when you want to find different kinds of authors related to that genre.. 

Book clubs usually set a specific number of pages weekly. So if you’re a beginner at reading books or novels then reading a short amount a week and talking about it with other people is another benefit to getting into reading. 

It can also help you understand a character’s motive a little better. Because everyone reads differently, they pay attention to different scenes and interpret them in a way that their perspective allows them to. So when you’re with other people, you can get insight into something you glossed over. 

If you’re interested in becoming a reader, a book club can keep you accountable for your reading goals. 

Reading can be a personal experience for some so if joining a book club is not for you then that’s alright because there are other outlets like joining online forums or even starting your own blog. 


In school I used to hate taking notes/ annotating, I thought it was pointless. 

Why am I writing about something I just read?

But as I got older and my memory isn’t the same as it was as a kid, I realize keeping my book journal is very helpful for me.

Have you ever had that problem where you found yourself reading one page repeatedly because you completely didn’t take it in the first time? 

Then taking notes can help you remember. And it doesn’t even have to be complete sentences. You can just write a character’s name and why they’re important or could be important. 

Ex: Julie- pulled the fire alarm. 

Because I guarantee you, when you’re looking over your notes you’ll be like oh yeahh

Your notes are for you not anyone else. So write in a way that you know you will remember them. 

People are very different in how they retain knowledge. Maybe you want to keep colorful sticky notes and make each one mean something to you. Like blue equals characters or yellow for plot change, etc. 

But if you’re like me and you’re not a fan of sticky notes because it can look messy. 

Keeping a journal and color-coding your titles to match the book can also help. 

Not to mention sometimes sticky notes lose their stick and fall out of books, which can be annoying when you forget what page it was on. 

Again for some people maybe they like the visual appeal of having colorful notes in their book to flip through. 

Some even write in their books. I think that’s a huge no-no. The poor book having to be violated like that. 

But in the end, it all depends on you and what you like. What will help you retain knowledge when reading? 

Reading goals 

When you set any type of goal for yourself, you’re bound to succeed. 

Source(s): Just trust me bro

So setting reading goals when you’re trying to become a better reader seems only fitting. 

There are many different ways to measure your reading. You can set page goals each day, so like reading 15 pages once a day. 

Or maybe create a spreadsheet of all the books you want to read but break them down into 2 books a month.  Sometimes when a book has multiple parts, I like to tell myself I will get to part one today and part 2 tomorrow and so forth. 

Or maybe if you find yourself on social media a lot, supplement that time with reading. 

By setting these goals for yourself you can improve your reading by a lot but remember to not push yourself. You’re not on anyone’s time but your own.

 So there’s no rush to complete a book unless, of course, there might be if you choose to enter a book club.  But do everything at your own pace because if you’re forcing yourself then that will take you away from reading. 

And this is advice to honestly everything, The more you push yourself in something the more your interests drop. 

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