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Embrace your inner bookworm and be that girl bookish edition.

Trends and aesthetics can be unhealthy when you overdo them. By overdoing them I mean:

  • Putting pressure on yourself to always read
  • Feeling like you have to keep up with what book influencers are reading
  • Being too hard on yourself if you miss a day
  • Not being as productive as others online are. which most of the time they aren’t and they’re just pretending to be.

By me writing this post, my intention is not to promote unhealthy ideas of what it means to be a bookworm. Instead it’s my fun take on the “how to be that girl” trend: bookish edition for readers and wannabe readers. Because to live a bookish lifestyle you do need to at least like books.

We all have “aesthetics” we fall into no matter how annoying the word is. And being in that aesthetic doesn’t mean living in a box. The way I see it is your Aesthetics are your interests, your hobbies, what you already like doing day to day.

So most likely if you found this post you are interested in reading more and incorporating a bookish lifestyle. And just because you don’t follow any of the traits I write below- doesn’t mean you are any less of a bookworm.

The point of this post is for you to implement a reading habit

Live a bookish lifestyle

to read more

Having a bookish wardrobe: Create a Vision board

That may sound funny because what do you mean having a bookish wardrobe?

but when we think of all the bookish characters we’ve seen on T.V or movies then you know they always look the same.

Sometimes nerdy with glasses and other times not so nerdy. I remember watching Pretty little liars and everything Spencer wore I wanted.

As if incorporating her style would make me smart like her. Because to me she was someone who had her stuff together (when in reality she didn’t- Iykyk) but what she wore gave off that impression.

at least to me.

Then there’s Rory Gilmore. Who’s style is more cozy academia.

Clothes are a great way to express yourself and your personality. You can tell a lot about a person based off their appearance. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to look put together and studious/bookish.

Think of a character or person whose style you absolutely love and create a vision board. Declutter your closet and create your style based off your inspirations. Like a bookish uniform. Doing this will eliminate the time you spend searching for something to wear because now you’ll have items that you will want to wear everyday.

Don’t be afraid to change up your style. You may think “oh this isn’t me” “my friends and family will notice the switch up and judge”

There is no rule that says we have to always dress the same way. We are allowed to wake up one day and say you know what I want to change up my appearance.

Have a reading routine

Develop a habit of reading by creating a reading routine that goes around your lifestyle.


in the early mornings before the world wakes up. Be that girl who incorporates reading into her cozy morning routine.

late in the mornings at a Library

afternoons at a coffee shop

in the evenings at a library or at home

Or you can be that girl who reads during her lunch breaks

Analyze your schedule and figure out where you can fit your reading in. Because it can be hard to find time to read and sometimes it can lead you into a reading slump.

I find the best time for me to read is usually right before bed

Create a reading nook

If you’re able to, create a space at home where you can sit and read in peace without much distractions. where you can place your coffee or tea making it your special cozy reading nook.

Have a reading journal

Make a reading journal from scratch or buy one. Having a reading journal will allow you to

  • set monthly reading goals
  • List out your to be read books
  • list out new releases
  • Write about authors that you want to read more from
  • Write your reviews and how you felt about a specific book

Spend time journaling in your reading journal daily to reflect on the books you’ve read or want to read.

Packing your bag with all the bookish essentials

Whether you’re gong to class or work, You should pack your bag with your bookish essentials such as your kindle or a physical book. Or both. There’s always that girl who seems so prepared with everything she needs inside her bag- be her.

Take your time in the mornings before you leave your house to make sure you have your:

  • Reading journal
  • Pen
  • Highlighters
  • Sticky notes if you like to annotate.
  • Bookmarks
  • Travel mug of your warm cozy drink of choice
  • Book covers
  • Fun bookish pins to decorate your bag

Visit the library regularly

I wrote a whole post on why I love libraries. Libraries are a great place for anyone to go, new readers, old readers, introverts, friends wanting to catch up, people who need space to sit and study.

At the library you will be able to look around and get a understanding of what kind of books draws you in and captures your attention.

Getting tips on book recommendations from bookish creators online is great. But sometimes if they have a bad review- It can hold you back from reading something you really wanted to read.

When you visit the library regularly you’re able to see the new books they add in or maybe old books you wouldn’t have thought to read.

I’m sure there’s a whole lot of people taking out the Percy Jackson series because of the Disney show

.. I am one of those people.

Honestly, I don’t know why I feel this way but whenever I visit the Library, I genuinely feel like that girl, The whole atmosphere just screams academic and bookish. And wearing the “bookish uniform” just completes that feeling.

Visit bookstores

Same as the library.

Except with bookstores they have the newest releases when it drops and a cafe where you can sit and order a nice cozy drink or snack.

Barnes and Noble also allows people to browse/sit and read before buying.

Join a bookclub

Joining a bookclub is a great way to create that sense of community most people look for when they start reading . If you don’t have any body around you to talk about books with then bookclubs are great.

For me I was hesitant on joining one because I’m such an introvert. But I’m glad I did because now I’m reading books outside of my usual genre that I actually find interesting.

So you never know what may come out of a bookclub.

Read books

Read books of different genres,

books that challenge you.

And ones where the cover sparks your interests and draws you in

Open yourself to all types of Fiction novels, The benefits that come with reading fiction especially as an adult is astonishing

Read as much as you want to and don’t limit yourself because you saw a bad review somewhere. Read it and think for yourself if it’s not that great of a book.

Be that girl who always has a book or a kindle in her bag.

More on How to be that girl bookish edition:

Go to museums If you love art and history

If you’re academic and you are no longer in school- then take it upon yourself to create a self learning study plan. Whether you want to learn a new language or the Rome empire.

Always be organized with your writing utensils

Be that girl who is always writing on her laptop in the bookstore, cafe or library.

Have a signature scent that follows you everywhere

Be that girl all your friends come to for book recommendations

More bookish activities


The how to be that girl trend can be incredibly toxic

Not so much the daily activities like having a healthy diet, wanting to be more intentional in the mornings or pampering yourself.

But the pressure that surrounds the that girl trend. It can feel like if you don’t do all of these things that you basically don’t have your life together.

And I think it’s okay to want to be more intentional in what you choose to wear, your activities, and how you want to live your life so take inspiration from what you see online, including this post but don’t make it a guideline to follow every single day of your life.

It is not normal to want to read every single day

Strive to be the best you can be and incorporate these tips to help you start being the person you want to be. And be kind to yourself.

What Bookish that girl activity are you implementing and how did your love for reading or academia come about?

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