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Book name: Dance of thieves

Author: Mary E Pearson

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Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Pages: 505

Dance of Thieves Plot:

Dance of Thieves the first book in the series. It follows Kazimyrah and her friends Synove and Wren. The queen’s guard is on a mission to find a war criminal in Hell’s Mouth. This war criminal has been in hiding for some time and is wanted by the queen. When she gets there she finds more than just Captain Beaufort Illarion, she finds all of his accomplices. But not only that she also finds Jace Ballinger, A guy who just became the patrei of the Ballenger Empire. An empire not recognized by the queen and other kingdoms. 

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Dance of thieves Characters:

There are so many characters in this book that I don’t know if I should include the mains or everyone. Since there is a sequel to this where those people might recur.

Kazimyrah, Kazi for short. 







Queen Lia

Dance of Thieves Review:

So as I’m writing this review, I am also getting the second book the vow of Thieves because wow that cliffhanger?! I have so many questions about what happened to Jace’s family and by whom.

While I was looking for the second book, I also saw that there’s a remnant series which makes so much more sense now. 

Maybe I should have read that one first because I kept feeling there was information I was meant to know. 

We start dance of thieves with Kazi, Wren, Synove, and Natiyah walking among dead bodies I’m guessing. I was unsure whether Natiyah was their leader or not. She is older than them for sure.  

Natiyah was showing them the devastation that happened to their kingdom some time ago, to make sure they understood their mission and what was at stake. 

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Multiple main characters?

At first, I thought there were multiple main characters that we would be getting different points of view from. But then it became clear that Kazi was the one talking.

 Kazimiyah of Brightmist, that’s another thing I was confused about. There are different kingdoms and from the way it’s described, Brightmist seems to be the poorest one.

 Queen Lia trusted Kazi to lead this mission. Along with Synove and Wren. Those three were known as Rahtan, the queen’s premier guards.

 Her mission was to send a personal message to the king of Eislandia. 

They needed to find out who was causing problems with the new settlements they built.

Felt like I was missing information

I tend to get stuck on understanding the world of the book as I’m reading. So I felt like I was missing information on how the devastation happened and the different kingdoms they were heading into. 

Here it felt like something that was glossed over but referenced constantly. As if the readers are meant to know the history and significance. 

The Mission

But as those three begin their mission, over in the Ballenger empire their king just died. And the next heir in line is Jace Ballenger. The Ballengers are the first family but because they aren’t recognized by the other kingdoms they are considered outlaws.

 They reached out the Queen many times. They never had any success. Until Kazi and her crew come in. 

The captain was involved in the devastation. And the Queen believed he was hiding in Hells mouth.

Jace and Kazi

After escaping they head back to Jace’s home. Kazi is unsure of this but Jace needs a cover on why he was away for so long. He doesn’t want his people to know he was kidnapped.

They both made a deal that the Ballengers would rebuild new settlements and in return, Kazi would write a letter to the Queen. That gave them hope that their empire would be recognized finally as one. 

At this time Kazi and Jace pretended to be a couple because Jace needed to put up a front for his enemies. This worked in Kazi’s favor as well because she would have a cover on why she was there. Which was to find the prisoner. 

  Kazi was also able to find out some things about her mom and the guy who took her. All her life, Kazi assumed her mother was dead. So when she learns that there’s a possibility she’s alive. Kazi has hope she will find her mom.

The Prisoners: Did Jace’s family know? 

Kazi and her crew were able to locate the prisoners in the Ballenger’s compound. 

Jace wasn’t aware they were criminals. Because his father couldn’t find any information on them. So Jace’s family housed them in exchange for weapons that they were making. 

  Kazi had the plan to drug the ballengers during dinner and capture the prisoners while no one noticed. 

Except the ballengers knew something was fishy so they didn’t actually drink at dinner. 

 Dance of Thieves Ending

They were able to catch Kazi in the act and poor Jace felt so betrayed.

Jace is a lover boy for real lol.  

But she made her goal known from the beginning so I can’t blame her. 

As the Ballengers had their weapons drawn to Kazi and her crew to hand back the prisoners (they didn’t know they were prisoners tho. Jace stepped in the middle and Kazi saw that as an opportunity. She knew his family wouldn’t harm her with Jace in her arms.   

Her holding him with a knife against his throat made them stand down. Which allowed Kazi and her crew to get away with the prisoners. 

Kazi wasn’t going to kill Jace of course

And she was able to get Jace a meeting with queen lia in the end. So it was a win in my opinion. 

The only thing that confused me was the ending. Because who was Jace’s brothers fighting that forced their way into the empire? And are the rest of his family members still alive?


Vow of thieves 

The second book in the Dance of thieves series. Every page in Vow of Thieves had me anticipating Kazi and Jase would find each other again. 

Book name: Vow of thieves

Author: Mary E Pearson

Find more of the author here

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Pages: 480

Dance of thieves backstory

Dance of thieves is the first book in the series. Queen Lia sent a group on a mission to capture Captain Beaufort. On her journey, she meets Jase, who she dislikes at first. Until they are kidnapped. And they realize the only way to escape is by working together.

As their trust grew so did their romance. But remember, Kazi is still on her mission and she’s not going to fail by any means. Even if that means betraying the boy she grew to love.

After Kazi located the Prisoner she needed, who was hiding in the Ballengers home. The ballengers had allowed him to stay there not knowing his past actions and because he was making weapons for them.

Or so they thought. Little did they know Captain Beaufort had his own agenda. So when the ballingers saw Kazi take Beaufort as a prisoner, they went into defense mode. Thinking Quickly Kazi took Jase at knifepoint.

Vow of thieves plot

They are ready to start their new lives together and plan their future as they head back. But one thing on Kazi’s mind is Jase’s family.

The last time she saw them she had Jase in her arms with a knife to his throat. Now of course she wasn’t going to kill him but she needed to ensure they weren’t going to follow her. Jase ensured her that now with her being family too, they would forgive her in time.

But then they got a message from a dead valsprey. Which I interpreted to be a messenger bird. Jase’s younger sister Jalaine wrote that the family was under attack and one of their brothers had died.

Facing this challenge together, Jace and Kazi race back to Tors Watch. Their excitement was cut short.

What I loved

Can I say everything? I want to say everything. One of the things I loved was the suspense on every page. I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. Especially with this being a dual storytelling. So we get to read from both Kazi and Jase’s points of view.

Before the queen found Kazi and took her in, She was just a child trying to survive on the streets of Venda. Her mother was taken from her. So she was forced to learn how to take care of herself. Letting people in and trusting them didn’t come easy for her.

So I thought it was sweet that Jase would reassure her that his family would learn to forgive her especially after they explain why she had to do what she did.

They were attacked as soon as they arrived in Tors watch. And we as the reader were in the same boat as Kazi, Not knowing if Jase was alive or not. I admire their love and loyalty to one another as they were looking for each other.

One thing about Jace is he’s going to go to hell and back for Kazi even if he made dumb decisions in the process.

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What I disliked

This isn’t so much on the author or the series but more for me. I felt like there were a lot of things I still didn’t understand like the kingdoms and the magic they had.

So it was hard for me to keep track of the names and what kingdom they belonged to. And so throughout the book, I kept thinking I should’ve read the remnant chronicles first. Even though I know it has different storylines and characters. 

Understanding the backstory of the devastation and the different kingdoms they have was my main problem. But it wasn’t difficult enough that I couldn’t follow along.

But I am still curious about what they mean by trees touching the heavens or Greyson Ballenger flying with his grandfather.


Another thing I was trying to make sense of was Kazi seeing death. I remember in the opening of the first book Kazi says she can hear the whispers of the undead. And we see it again when she’s getting ready in her room, someone knocks on her door.

“Stay. Don’t Move. I spun. The room was quiet, unnaturally still, yet the air prickled. I felt the ghosts hovering, watching. Their cold feet paced, nervous. One of them slid a cool fingertip along my jaw. Shh, Kazi, don’t-”

It was almost as if they were warning her of who was knocking at the door. And we see it a lot throughout the book. I was wondering if her mom made some kind of deal to protect her or something, I don’t know.

At first, I thought it was some kind of metaphor, her remembering her mother’s last words to her. But They talk about Synove and the queen having dreams/visions so maybe Kazi also has a gift?


Now I know I said I love Jase and his loyalty to his family, to Kazi, and his people. I do. But that boy is so stubborn and dumb sometimes. He didn’t allow himself enough time to heal from the attack and I felt like he had no plan to go and get Kazi back. 

I would have preferred it better if he thought with logic and not feelings but it all worked out in the end.

Dance of Thieves series rating

I would this a rating of 4 and a half stars.

I thought the dance of thieves series was a beautiful storytelling of Kazi and Jase’s budding relationship. 

Nothing felt rushed between them. I loved the build-up we have in the Vow of thieves to them reuniting. 

I also enjoyed how even though we had new characters, the plot was able to tie back into the first book. Because sometimes with sequels they can either go completely off script and have a lot of questions unanswered. 

As well as the challenges they faced protecting what is now both of their homes. 

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