Cozy Morning Routines: How to Start Your Day Right

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What comes to mind when I think “Cozy morning routines” are days when you don’t have any obligations and you’re free to wake up and do whatever. You’re not rushing out the door for anything.

You have time to wake up, reflect and decide what to do with your day.

Think back to when you were a kid or teenager and you’d wake up on Saturday morning- waking up later than usual because you don’t have to go to school. Deciding between watching Disney channel or nickoldean. Staying home all day.

That’s what I think of when I think of a cozy morning.

But unfortunately when we grow up to be adults those days look different.

My perspective on a cozy morning routine now stems from being a blogging introverted homebody.

I mention that because I recognize there are others out there who have different professions and obligations who maybe don’t have as much time as I do.

So this is my take on what makes a cozy (but productive) morning routine.

This is also a slow intentional morning routine so if you’re not a morning person- easily become one here

There are alot of cozy fall morning routines or winter morning routines that people follow. But always do what works for you rather than following an aesthetic morning routine that you’ve seen online. My post included. 

If it works for you great but don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

First thing to do is wake up

You can start your day at 6am or you can start it at 9am. online, people tend to think if you wake up at 5am or earlier thats the only time to be productive. But your morning starts the time you wake up, whatever time that is.

I make a habit of waking up early because, being a homebody, it makes me feel like I have structure.

Some people like to have thier first cup of morning coffee but try to reflect for a couple of minutes when you first wake up. Then write your intentions for the day. what you plan to get done. or write down any thoughts you may have, how you feel upon waking up. That first hour is your time to set the tone of your day.

Do a mindful activity

I feel like puzzles are a lost slow living mindful activity as we get older. There are so many fun adult bookish puzzles to get into when you need to calm your mind and your thoughts.

So are coloring Books. There are great fun stress relieving coloring books adults can purchase.

Or you can choose to get cozy and read.

There’s so much more cozy hobbies you can incorporate into your morning routine.

Make a warm cozy drink- whether its tea, coffee, water, or a protein shake. and take your time doing your mindful activity.

Shower and wear an outfit that fits your idea of that morning. If you plan to stay home all day wear cozy comfortable lounge wear. or if you plan to go for a walk during the autumn mornings- wear something fitting to the weather.

The right outfit can lighten your mood and set the tone for the day.

Take your time to breathe and be mindful of your movements. If it takes you 30 minutes to choose an outfit then it takes you 30 minutes. If it takes you 20 minutes to just sit there and close your eyes and reflect then it takes you 20 minutes. Don’t rush through your morning routine.

Make your breakfast

If you’re someone who can’t eat as soon as you wake up then try something light and plan out your big lunch for later.

But if breakfast is your favorite meal of the day like moi then have your whole grain waffles, your eggs, your cinnamon french toast, soup, whatever your hearts in the mood for.

More ideas on what makes a cozy morning routine

Planning time

Open up your planner and plan out the rest of your day. Write down your top 3 priorities. and the tasks you need to complete.

Get some fresh air-

Some people like to take walks or go to a coffee shop. I prefer to bring my own mug of coffee to the library and write. I’m the type of person who needs to be around other people who are productive to also make me productive.

If you’re a introverted homebody like I am then most likely you stay home everyday.

Going outside reminds me that the world actually goes on and that people have their own routines. – going on morning runs or walks with their dogs.

It’s a beautiful reminder of life

So I’ll go to either the library or a cafe (Dunkin Donuts is always secluded where I live) with a bag filled with my laptop, journal, kindle, coffee mug, headphones and work on the task i set for myself that day or that week.

I know I need to leave my house to have a good mindset for the rest of the day and have a change of sceneary. . And a library is much more quieter than a coffee shop. I’m also not obligated to buy something everyday at a library if i want to just sit there for 3-5 hours. Libraries are a great place for introverts to spend their days.

What is the best thing in your morning?

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