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Welcome to Xora’s Library. First thing I should mention is that I am a wannabe writer.

I fantasize about writing books and being an author constantly. 

And I write literally everything, my to-do lists , websites I like because I have too many tabs open on my phone to open another one. I love creating outlines and planning my weeks out as an attempt to be productive. Will I do those tasks? Maybe, maybe not but having them on paper helps. 

I like to write all my dreams down because I feel like each and every one of them has a meaning or a lesson or a sign. 

My notes are filled with them. I have to write them as soon as I wake up though otherwise I’d forget. 

I even wrote this about page like 10 times because there’s so much about myself I want to share and why I started this blog. 


my interests:

I love memes, 

Favorite tv shows were tvd, the originals and legacies although they did disappoint  me with the direction of the show towards the end.

If I’m not reading I’m either: 

Watching movies with my mom

Playing in the choices app

Staring at my ceiling wondering how I let my life pass by me 

I fantasize way too much about my career and my future that I decided to take action this year by starting with my blog. 

I’m so excited to have my own space on the internet to talk and showcase literally anything I want. 

More about me: 

more stuff about me:

NYC born and raised

Should I say my age… ehhhh.. I’m in my 20s 

Love sci-fi/fantasy. Especially if it involves witches

Those are mostly what I read but I’m open to all books. 

When I was younger I was obsessed with the boxcar mysteries and Nancy drew. I was convinced that when I grew up I’d be a spy. I remember when I saw the spy kit at the scholastic book fair

Omg and the Gallagher girls series by Ally Carter, I really thought there was an actual spy school out there. 

Maybe there iss

I’m a huge introvert, an anxious one at that. I overthink every situation I’m in and every decision I make.

About Xora’s Library

I want to make my blog a space where bookish introverts can come and feel seen.

And be inspired to pursue blogging as a career as part of their slow living journey. Even if blogging is not what you like, You will feel motivated to do what it is you do like.

I’m rambling now, but I hope you enjoy your time here!!

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