3 most important things to focus on when blogging

Three most important things to focus on when blogging- Blogging doesn't have to hard. Starting on the right platform, having a niche and focusing on your SEO is a recipe for success.
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When you start blogging, the 3 most important things to focus on when blogging are the




and being consistent.  

most important things to focus on when blogging: The platform

Where you start your blog makes all the difference. You can start with a free one like Wix or even wordpress.com or blogger or Google sites. 

But if you want to truly own your website and audience then WordPress is the way to go. 

Not to mention you own your domain too. With the other platforms, you would have 



And so on. 

Which is okay I guess for a personal or hobby blog. 

But if you want to have your own domain then most likely you would have to upgrade to whatever plan that offers you the choice on those platforms. And it’s usually a little pricey. 

With WordPress, your first year would be under $100

I can’t give an exact estimate because each hosting has different prices. 

Some cost 2.95 per year, others 4.95 a year. 

But I can guarantee you that if you go with any of those free platforms and upgrade, their one year will equate to a 3-year plan on WordPress with literally any hosting you go with. 

Only you can make your decision based on your blogging needs and what you want for yourself. So it’s important to do some research. 

most important things to focus on when blogging: Your niche

I always hear that niching down to a single niche will help your SEO and your blog will grow much better. 

Google will recognize your blog as an authority on whatever topic you’re talking about if you have similar posts in that same category. 

So if you intend to make a profit fast then your best bet would be to stick to one niche. 

However, if you don’t mind not making money for a couple of months then write what interests you, anything that inspires you to write. 

I love reading and writing. Having this blog makes me feel like I’m in a book club. A solo book club. It feels like a therapeutic brain dump after I finish each book and I write about it. 

But I also like to write about productivity and personal development because the journey to that was a tough one. 

Will these combined do well in terms of SEO? I have no clue but that’s what I plan to write about because I can’t imagine writing about anything else. 

I feel like when you’re comfortable with a topic, the words will flow out when writing. So if you don’t mind a slow build to getting traffic then I would suggest focusing on what comes naturally to you. 

But do keep in mind your audience as well and how your content can help them. 

most important things to focus on when blogging: SEO

I thought I knew SEO before I started but I was wrong. There was so much that I had to learn. 

When I first started my blog I would write specifically for the Yoast greenlight. And every time I would wonder why Google wasn’t picking up my posts. I didn’t expect it to be ranked overnight but at least in a week or maybe 2 weeks. 

There are a lot of different options for an SEO plugin- 



All-in-one SEO and much more. 

Yoast, I would say is the most common one. It’s beginner friendly and the one that I use. But I have seen people rave about Rankmath. Sometimes I wonder if I should make the switch but I think for now I will stick to what I know. 

Whether you’re writing in the WordPress editor or copying and pasting from your google docs, Yoast will let you know if your post is missing something like an image or if you need to break up your text. 

The biggest problem I still struggle with is the passive voice. I wasn’t even aware of how distant my writing was. So seeing that and having to switch words around, Or cut them out was hard to do. 

When None of my posts were ranking- besides my homepage. I was so discouraged. 

I didn’t blog as consistently as I should’ve. I would log in to my WordPress account solely to update my plugins and keep it moving. 


I thought I could post 5 posts a week without having to worry about the next week. But what I learned is that Google rewards consistency. If you are posting regularly then Google will crawl your site regularly. 

And with the updates that Google has now, I would say being consistent and focusing on your SEO is more important than ever if you intend to grow. 

What helps with this is planning your content beforehand. I would suggest making a column. One side would be all your ideas/topics that you want to write about. And on the other side, you can write what keyword you will focus on in that topic. 

It is super easy to get discouraged and overanalyze everything from your website design to your writing voice. 

So it’s important to stay focused on the content. Every time I feel like I’m second-guessing myself I just publish the post. I tell myself that if I want to get anywhere then something is better than nothing. 

Blogging is a journey and you will learn as you go. 

Connecting with other bloggers

This is something I’m struggling with right now. How can you reach out without sounding annoying? 

Is that even possible?

I wouldn’t say this is a requirement but it is helpful to be in a circle of bloggers who are in your niche. To establish those connections and networks. 

Because if this is to be something you make your full-time job then other bloggers would be like coworkers in a sense, right?

And I learned that Blogging is super lonely. 

Ways to connect with other bloggers might look like

Through social media. You can follow them and tag them in something. Sometimes I would see Instagram stories of individuals tagging their favorite bookstagrammer. So if you have a couple of favorites you can make a story about that. Or even a post. To show your appreciation of their content. 

Another way is following their blogs and commenting on their posts. Not being annoying of course. 

But maybe they made a post about a recipe that you followed. You could comment on how great the recipe was and that you enjoyed the results. 

There are also Facebook blogger groups or online forums where people share the same niche as you do. 

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