Passion to page: How to Start Your Own Book Blog

How to start a book blog image- Xoraslibrary

Book Lovers Unite! As a passionate reader, have you ever dreamed of sharing your love for books with others? Through starting a book blog? Or perhaps you are seeking a platform to review the latest bestsellers, write in-depth analyses, or simply share your favorite quotes?  If any of these reasons speak to you, starting a […]

Cozy Morning Routines: How to Start Your Day Right

cozy morning routine image - morning mood

What comes to mind when I think “Cozy morning routines” are days when you don’t have any obligations and you’re free to wake up and do whatever. You’re not rushing out the door for anything. You have time to wake up, reflect and decide what to do with your day. Think back to when you […]

How to be that girl: Bookish edition

How to be that girl Bookish edition image

Embrace your inner bookworm and be that girl bookish edition. Trends and aesthetics can be unhealthy when you overdo them. By overdoing them I mean: By me writing this post, my intention is not to promote unhealthy ideas of what it means to be a bookworm. Instead it’s my fun take on the “how to […]

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