How to stop time by Matt Haig

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How to stop time was a book I have been wanting to read after I read the midnight library.  But I’m not sure how I feel about it. It took everything in me to actually finish this book. I found the Main character Tom forgettable and boring. Book name: How to stop time Author: Matt Haig […]

The prison healer Series best I’ve read so far! 

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The Prison healer series was packed with adventures and friendships forming. Book name: The Prison Healer Author: Lynette Noni Find more of the author here Genre: Fantasy Fiction Pages: 403 The Prison Healer synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Kiva Meridan has spent the last ten years fighting for survival in the notorious death prison, Zalindov, working as the […]

Reading Olivie blakes 2 most popular books

One for my enemy and Alone with you in the ether review image

After reading The atlas six by Olivie Blake, I was really excited to get into more of her books. I will be reviewing Alone with you in the ether and One for my enemy.

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