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I love Novels that grab your attention as soon as you open the page.

Fantasy Fiction and Mystery Fiction is where I''ll fold every time.

If I'm not reading, I'm looking for a new T.V show to binge on ESPECIALLY if it involves academia.

I blame my parents for my love of movies and films. Everything's a "classic" to me.

I started this blog to express my love for reading and mostly to pretend I am living out my dreams as a writer.

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How to blog more consistently

How to blog more consistently comes natural when you have a routine set for yourself. It could look like writing everyday or batching content. Whatever works for you.

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If you stumbled on this small piece of the internet then welcome!

This blog is the Home to the adult in her Mid20’s who lost her love for reading and wants to get back to it.

In the book world they would call us “New Adult”

But regardless- reading fiction has no age limit

and it’s to the reader who wants to introduce reading into her life

Who wants to live a more cozy bookish lifestyle. 

With my content I hope to inspire introverted homebodies  to create a life for themselves that promotes slow and intentional living. 

 I decided to create my own blog that addresses all of the above that I wanted to read about. And from my point of view. 

Starting this blog was my first step into becoming the person I want to be and living the life I want to live. 

So hopefully the reader who connects with my blog find it’s contents helpful. 

And inspire you to also create the content YOU want to read about

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